Welcome to the blog!

I’m a PhD student at King’s College London, and having previously written my Masters dissertation on the use of Popol Vuh’s music in the films of Werner Herzog, I’m currently researching a project on West German films of the 1970s (a period commonly referred to as the “New German Cinema“) and their use of soundtracks by bands and artists from the contemporary experimental music scene known as “Krautrock“.

I’m also a drummer and music nut, and can often be found playing gigs around London and the Home Counties.

When not indulging in either of these things, I can often be found taking photographs (and giving the old Instagram a go), playing or watching football (Crystal Palace, if anyone’s interested), cooking and beetling about London.

Do feel free to comment on the articles and share your thoughts – discussion and debate are always important, and I’ll try and respond when I can!

Thanks for reading – enjoy!