About the Blog

First of all, welcome to Son et Lumière.


Werner Herzog and “best fiend” Klaus Kinski

Forgive the pretentious-sounding title – a penchant of mine, unfortunately (if it helps my case, it’s also the name of the song that starts off the Mars Volta’s kick-ass album De-loused in the Comatorium). 

Secondly, a little bit about myself. I’m a PhD student at King’s College London, and I’m currently researching a project on West German films of the 1970s (a period commonly referred to as the “New German Cinema“) and their use of soundtracks by bands and artists from the contemporary experimental music scene known as “Krautrock“.

Thirdly, what this blog is about. As the name may suggest (I initially wanted to go with Sight and Sound, but apparently there’s a widely-read film magazine that already has that name – who knew?), I’m looking to use this blog to write about all sorts of matters related to films, music and the way in which they combine and work together.

While I’m sure my PhD topic will creep in and influence my train of thought at numerous points, I’m hoping to write about other, less niche films as well because, hey, a good film is a good film, right? So one week I might write about Werner Herzog’s use of music (which I’m planning to) and another about Quentin Tarantino’s (which I’m also planning to!), so there’s something for everyone.

I think that’s all it really falls to me to say, apart from to stay tuned for forthcoming posts, and to please subscribe/follow the blog if it takes your fancy at all.

Happy reading!



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